Discover optimal health and peak performance in your business, well-being and life in just 8 weeks

Proven, science-backed approach to changing your habits around alcohol.

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The Complete Control program is designed to help high-performing business owners, entrepreneurs, and top professionals put a stop to the effect alcohol has on their families, personal relationships, and performance in business.

Many of us have tried giving up alcohol before and failed.

Society has embedded a drinking culture that is so difficult to fight against.

The words “I’m not drinking” are met with confusion and bewilderment…

Only to be followed by an FBI-style interrogation.

Alcohol is so deep-rooted in our society that if you’re not equipped with the right mindset, tools and techniques…

Then taking control is like swimming against the tide.

Complete Control is all about equipping you with an arsenal of tools and strategies as well as changing your attitude to alcohol.

You’ll understand why you drink and the driving factors behind it, and you’ll learn strategies for dealing with it.

The end result is complete apathy towards alcohol.

You’ll easily be able to take it or leave it.

Complete Control puts you back in control.

Over the 8 weeks, you’ll discover:

Core driving factors

These contributing factors drive your damaging behaviour. In Complete Control, we shine a light on those factors, and then give you the tools and education you need to turn them around.

Uncover your patterns

We’re ALL running patterns that control our daily behaviour. For the most part, they’re entirely subconscious, and they factor into every decision we make. Discovering these patterns will change who you are, how you operate and how far you can go in your life.

Uncover your stress

Business/career stress, life stress, catastrophic events, and childhood trauma can be unavoidable. But awareness of the causes, how to process stress, and how to use daily tools to build resilience will transform your life.

Concierge daily accountability

We know how hard it is to build good habits, but they’re critical to eliminating addictive behaviours from your life. Using remote monitoring technology, we’ll keep you accountable for those crucial daily habits and routines. If you don’t exercise, or don’t sleep well, we know about it.

Revolutionise your drinking

Go from can’t-stop-at-one, binge-drinking, daily drinking, social-drinking, blackouts or just bad hangovers, to 100% in control of your drinking, take-it-or-leave-it, mostly leave it, or discover a place where you’re happy never drinking again. The choice is yours.

And much MUCH more!

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Complete Control just came along at the right time.

“I changed more in the last 8 weeks than in the previous 20 years of trying to change my relationship with alcohol.”


Why Complete Control Is Such A Powerful Program


Our world-class coaches have spent thousands of hours helping people improve their relationships with alcohol. Our trauma coaching is based on the latest trauma research and insights. Be prepared to discover things about yourself that will change you.


Using sophisticated tech devices, we identify stress and how you deal with stress. We can monitor your habits and routines, and help you build the foundations you need to rapidly optimise your physical and mental health. Our data analysis allows us to create a custom plan for your long-term support and accountability.


Bite-sized content that educates and empowers you on the go. Utilising our proven framework in workbooks, you’ll go through our powerful learning process.


This journey is traditionally shrouded in stigma, judgement and loneliness, which is why the instinct is to do it on our own. But science shows this is the opposite of what we need. Cultivating honesty, openness and vulnerability with a group of like-minded people on the same journey at the same time, dramatically improves your outcomes and their longevity.


In order to set you up for the best chance of behaviour change during the 8 weeks, we monitor your progress remotely and keep you accountable via SMS and phone calls if you’re slipping up.

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Here’s What Our Alumni Say


“The content delivery and workbooks were amongst the highest quality of any leadership development program I’ve been on.”


“You can’t unlearn the things you discover in Complete Control.”


“Seeing how stressed I got from an important meeting and then finding no recovery for the rest of the day, shocked me into understanding why I drink.”


“I have developed lifelong friendships with people all over the globe, we are meeting again in London next month and some are travelling halfway around the world to be there.”


“I am no longer doing this alone, hiding the truth, afraid of what my staff, my colleagues or my family might think.”

… Plus You Get More Tools To Help You Progress FASTER

Weekly workbook

Accompanying the videos, you’ll get a workbook each week to help you work through the lessons and internalise what you’ve learned.

You can revisit the lessons in the workbook and do the necessary work to better understand why you drink and how to replace your bad drinking habits with healthy ones.

Daily videos

You’ll get access to daily videos packed with valuable lessons and science-backed techniques for helping you take Complete Control.
These videos will be vital to helping you understand your relationship with alcohol and peel back and undo the grip it has on your life.

Weekly group calls

Every week we host two group calls to help answer any questions or discuss what members are struggling with.
These calls are the perfect opportunity to get some extra coaching and also build a strong relationship with other members, which helps with accountability. 

Flexible learning

As a busy entrepreneur, business-owner or top-performing professional, finding time to do things outside work can be tough.
We understand this, and that’s why we offer fully flexible learning and support.

The program activities fit around your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Daily accountability

We provide daily accountability check-ins (we call it ‘concierge’ accountability) so there’s always support on hand.
Ask questions, let them know what you’re struggling with and update them on your progress. It’s as if they were in the room with you.

Fit It Into Your Lifestyle

This program is designed for busy professionals. We’ve made it highly flexible so you can fit it around your schedule.
Watch the videos whenever you want, use the workbooks at any time, and attend the weekly calls as much as you can. If you can’t make one, the calls are recorded and you can watch them in your own time.

Book one-to-one coaching sessions to suit your schedule, and get daily accountability check-ins via Slack DM or SMS.

No matter how busy your schedule is, you will ALWAYS have support to help you succeed.

Our Founder’s Story

My name is Ruari Fairbairns, the founder of Complete Control.

I’ve spent the last 8 years of my life studying and researching behavioural psychology, addiction psychology, neuroscience and the science behind habit formation.

For years, I struggled with my relationship with alcohol.
Eventually, through a lot of hard work and willpower, I figured out how to control my consumption… or so I thought.

I abstained from drinking for 2 years until one day I decided to have a drink.
But it didn’t end well - I found myself plastered, throwing up in the bathroom.

At this moment, I realised that abstinence was not the solution to controlling alcohol.

It was merely addressing the symptoms rather than the root cause.

I came to realise that unless you address the underlying reasons why you drink, peel the onion back, process trauma and past experiences, and take the right science-backed approach to address those issues…

You will NEVER be in control of your drinking.

This realisation led me on the path to understanding my own personality, my behaviour, how I handle stress…
And most importantly, 
WHY I was drinking in the first place.
Once I did that, I broke free from alcohol forever.

And my mindset towards alcohol completely changed.

I became apathetic towards it. I realised I didn’t need it and I never did in the first place.

I could take it or leave it.

That was the most liberating part. Alcohol no longer had a stranglehold on me.

Now I’m showing you how to do the same, in Complete Control.

Already in just a few short months, we’ve helped entrepreneurs, business owners and top professionals take Complete Control.

Our members have reported MASSIVE improvements in financial performance, clarity of purpose, energy levels, focus, determination and relationships with their partners and families.

So if you’re ready to put alcohol in its place and take complete control in just 8 weeks

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Q: Is Complete Control For Me?

You suffer from severe alcoholism… if that’s you, feel free to get in touch and we can advise you on what to do.
You don’t believe you can change even with the right support or program.

You don’t think moderation is possible.

You’re not willing to invest a significant sum into your personal development.

You’re not prepared to change things in your life.

You’re not prepared to invest significant time and effort into making a change.

You’re not open to coaching or don’t do well with others offering you advice or guidance.

This program is NOT for you if…

You are time-poor, BUSY and stressed. This program is highly FLEXIBLE for people like you.
You are a high performer who goes all-in. You have control in other areas of your life, but lack control in certain areas.

You have tried to change your relationship with alcohol before, but struggled, or find it getting worse. Or you have stopped drinking for a period only to find it coming back.

You want it DONE NOW, or DONE FOR YOU. This program is one step back from us being in a room together making the changes in your life.

You want to be able to take it or leave it with alcohol. You want to be able to stop at one, not drink faster than everyone else, and have an impeccable off switch.

You are READY FOR CHANGE but don’t want to mess around trying to work out what to change. You just want a 

This program is for you if…

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join…

Private 1-2-1 coaching
From elite coaches with decades of experience.
Group connection and accountability
You’re 15x more likely to succeed when you’re held accountable.
8 weeks of packed video lessons
Outlining proven, science-backed, positive psychology methods for making a real change in your drinking habits.
Weekly Calls  
Where you’ll get support and coaching from our experts - ask any questions or get help with anything that you’re struggling with.
Tech tools
Will give you ‘physical accountability’ of your habit changes.

Hypnotherapy sessions 
Hypnotherapy sessions to assist with unearthing underlying emotional and psychological issues that may be causing you to drink more. These sessions will also help to change your behaviour and attitude towards alcohol.

I Want To Take Complete Control!

So, What’s The Investment?

3x payments of

Single payment of

USD $3,100

(GBP £2,660 | EUR €3,100)

USD $8,500

(GBP £7,300 | EUR €8,500) 

Save $800 by making a single payment

Total $9,300

So if you’re ready to put alcohol in its place and take complete control in just 8 weeks?

Hit the button below to book a call with one of our team members.

I Want To Take Complete Control!

Your Insurance Might Cover You

Depending on the plan you have, your insurance might cover your investment in Complete Control.
Many companies offer assistance with alcohol-related treatments and many of our students have used their insurance to cover the investment of the program.

So, it’s worth giving them a call.

100% Full Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-day full money-back refund, if for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied.
All you have to do is drop us an email with the reasons why you’re not happy and we’ll process a full refund immediately.

But here’s the thing…
Not even 1% of people have asked for a refund. We have a 99% satisfaction rate…

It’s way different. It’s life-changing. You can never say never… but alcohol won’t be a part of my life going forward. It has been so good for me, this whole programme. I will be thankful forever!

I will be thankful forever!


Here’s what our alumni say

What Are Your Other Options?


AA has been around a long time and has had its successes. But the methods it uses outdated, archaic strategies like willpower to try and force a change. AA labels members as alcoholics which reinforces a negative mindset in its members. Statistically, it proves to be highly ineffective at making a lasting positive change in a high percentage of its members’ lives (stats suggest up to 75% of AA members relapse in the first year).


Rehab can be an effective method for controlling alcohol but as a busy entrepreneur or professional you hardly have time to up sticks and spend weeks at rehab centres.

Books and Apps

If only reading the information was all you needed to do, we’d all have 6-pack abs. Both books and mobile apps contain good information but they lack the coaching and accountability needed to make real lasting changes.


Costly and takes potentially years to get to the root cause of the problem and even longer to treat it. In addition, therapists often don’t have first-hand experience with alcohol dependence, like many of our coaches do, and they lack the tools to help change your habits. Also, it lacks the accountability aspect that our program provides.

You’ve Got 3 Options…

1. Do Nothing

Let alcohol tighten its grip on your life and risk damaging your health, business and relationships.

2. Try To Make A Change By Yourself

You’ve probably tried this one many times and failed. And we don’t blame you - it’s hard.
Without going through the necessary process of understanding your relationship with alcohol and then taking the steps to change that relationship… It's very difficult to make a lasting change.

You’ll end up relying on willpower which will eventually run out and you’ll find yourself back at square one.

3. Join Complete Control And Change Your Relationship With Alcohol FOREVER!

If you join Complete Control today it will be the last time you ever need to make a conscious effort to break free from the stranglehold that alcohol has on you.
With the help of our science-backed techniques, 
our elite coaches, and the level of accountability you will have in the program, you are all but guaranteed to make a lasting positive change in your life.
Your business, performance, health and relationships will improve to a level that you can’t even imagine right now.

When you look back after the 8 weeks, you’ll realise this is one of the best decisions you’ve made in your entire life.

So if you’re ready to put alcohol in its place and take complete control in just 8 weeks?

Hit the button below to book a call with one of our team members.

I Want To Take Complete Control!

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